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All buildings, remodels, additions, renovations or rearrangements must comply with the American Disability Act and subsequent standards. WCA provides services to facilitate meeting these standards, including surveys of existing facilities. These requirements are prioritized and include:

  •      Accessible parking availability
  •      An accessible path of travel to the front entrance and to public transit
  •      Approved entry doors, counters, and circulation means to the building.
  •      Access to approved restrooms on each floor
  •      Approved vertical circulation by elevator or equal facilitation.

Often, minimal changes to the entrance and exit areas, including ramps, have been the only requirement needed. Restrooms are one of the main features of older buildings that are often required to be brought into compliance.

These upgrades are not required to be completed at one time, however, any modification will require a certain percentage be attributed to the ADA upgrades.